Course Structure

Course Structure

CIMP is a B-School with a difference. Its course curriculum and pedagogy have been shaped on the lines of leading management institutes like IIMs. The courses are developed by committees consisting of reputed academicians from premier institutes like IITs and IIMs, and teaching materials used in the courses are sourced from Harvard Business School, IIM Ahmedabad, and other leading national and international B-Schools. The core curriculum of PGDM focuses on developing essential skills and knowledge required for managerial effectiveness. Following the core courses in the first year, the programme offers a pool of electives in the second year in various functional areas of management such as marketing, finance, human resources, operations, and information technology (IT). A student can distribute his/her choice of electives across one or more of the functional areas, subject to completion of the minimum number of credits required for the award of PGDM.

Several research centres have been established at CIMP to focus on various issues of development in Bihar and India. Centre for Research in Emerging Markets, Centre for South Asian Studies, Centre for Public Policy are some of the research centres currently operating at the Institute. CIMP strives to develop competent, empathetic, ethically oriented, and socially responsible managers to serve the industry, the government, and the social sector.

Indicative Course List

1 Financial  Accounting (FA) 3
2 Marketing Management-I (MM-I)  3
3 Quantitative Techniques – I (QT-I) 3
4 Microeconomics (ME-I) 3
5 Micro Organizational Behaviour (MOB-I)  3
6 Managerial Communication (MC) I 1.5
7 Japanese Language (Compulsory workshop)  
  Total 19.5
8 Financial Management (FM) 3
9 Marketing Management- II (MM-II)  3
10 Quantitative Techniques – II (QT-II) 3
11 Macroeconomics (ME-II) 3
12 Human Resource Management (HRM) 3
13 Managerial Communication (MC) II 1.5
14 Macro Organisational Behaviour (MOB-II)  1.5
15 Japanese Language (Compulsory workshop)  
  Total 18
16 Corporate Finance (CF) 3
17 Cost and Management Accounting (CMA) 3
18 Marketing Research (MR) 3
19 Production and  Operations Management (POM) 3
20 Corporate Governance and Business Ethics (CGBE) 3
21 Business Environment and Policy (BEP) 1.5
22 Business Law (BL) 3
23 Entrepreneurship (Compulsory workshop)     
24 Japanese Language (Compulsory workshop)  
  Total 19.5
25 Strategic Management (SM) 


26 Sales and Distribution Management (SDM) 3
27 Management Information Systems (MIS) 3
28 Leadership Excellence in Organizations (LEO) 1.5
29 Organizational Structures and Processes (OSP) 1.5
  Japanese Language (Compulsory workshop)  
E1 Consumer Behavior (CB)  3
E2 Marketing of Services (MoS)  3
E3 Rural Marketing (RuM) 3
E4 Options, Futures, and other Derivatives (OFD) 3
E5 Security Analysis and Portfolio Management (SAPM) 3
  Total Credits (For each student) ≥18
30 Supply Chain Management (SCM) 3
31 Business Analytics (BA)  3
32 Project Management (PM) 3
33 Banking (BKG)   3
34 Japanese Language (Compulsory workshop)  
E6 B2B Marketing (B2BM)  3
E7 Retail Management (RM) 3
E8 Financial and Business Modeling (FBM) 3
E9 International Finance and Trade (IFT)  1.5
E10 Corporate Restructuring (CR) 1.5
E11 Behavioral Finance (BF)  1.5
  Total Credits (For each student) ≥18
30 Business Sustainability and Public Policy (BSPP) 1.5
30 E-Commerce (EC) 1.5
32 Innovation Management (IM)  3
33 Japanese Language (Compulsory workshop)  
E12 Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) 3
E13 Product and Brand Management (PBM) 3
E14 Fixed Income Securities (FIS)  3
E15 Project Finance (PF)  3
E16 Alternative Investments (AI) 3
E17 Total Quality Management (TQM) 1.5
  Total Credits (For each Student) ≥12

Note: The Course Structure may be amended periodically to meet the evolving industry requirements.

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