Prof. Vijaya Bandyopadhyaya

PhD, PGDBM, M.Tech, B.E

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Research Area

Food Supply Chain Management, Entrepreneurship Development For Small Scale And Women Entrepreneurs; Modeling Uncertainties in Decision Making Process

Operations & Supply Chain Management; Project Management; Total Quality Management; Quantitative Techniques; Operations Research

1. Ujjwal, J., Bandyopadhyaya, V. and Bandyopadhyaya, R. (2021). Identifying key determinants for parking management to reduce road traffic congestion for congested cities – A Structural Equation Modelling approach. Accepted for publication in Advances in Transportation Studies. Aracne Editrice, Italy

2. Bandyopadhyaya, V. and Bandyopadhyaya, R. (2021). Understanding Impact of Covid-19 Pandemic Outbreak on Grocery Stocking Behaviour in India – A Pattern Mining Approach. Global Business Review, 1-21, Sage,       

3. Bandyopadhyaya, V. (2020). Reducing traffic congestion in Indian cities – A review of methodologies. In Korgaonkar, M. G. and Koner, J. (Eds.), Transportation Technology and Systems, 33-51, NICMAR, Pune

4. Bandyopadhyaya, V. (2019). Reducing traffic congestion in Indian cities – A review of methodologiesPaper presented at International Conference on Construction, Real Estate, Infrastructure and Project Management (ICCRIP 2019), 13-14 December 2019, National Institute of Construction Management and Research (NICMAR), Pune

5. Bandyopadhyaya, V  (2019). A Holistic Approach to Enterprise Development – The Case of Nedumpana Apparel Park. Paper presented at International Conference on Business, Big Data and Decision Sciences 2019 (ICBBD 2019), 22-24 August 2019, Tokyo University of Science, Tokyo, Japan

6. Bandyopadhyaya, V.; Bandyopadhyaya, R. and Prashad, C (2018). A Study on Awareness and Effectiveness of Congestion Management through Parking Pricing for Patna, India. Paper presented at the IISES 40th International Academic Conference, June 25-28, 2018, Ersta Sköndal Bräcke University College, Stockholm, Sweden.(pp. 18-36) (DOI: 10.20472/IAC.2018.040.005)

7. Bandyopadhyaya, V. (2017). Redesigning Traditional Supply Chains in India – The Subicsha Way. Paper presented at the 2017 International Conference on Business, Big-Data and Decision Sciences (ICBBD 2017), August 2-4, 2017, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand

8. Bandyopadhyaya, V. (2017). Mission Kudumbashree – Livelihood Opportunities for Women Empowerment,ET Cases, at

9. Bandyopadhyaya, V. and Bandyopadhyaya, R. (2016). Optimal Route Design of Shared para-transit services in Patna, India. International Conference on Traffic and Transport Engineering (pp. 581-586). Belgrade: City Net Scientific Research Center Ltd. Belgrade

10. Bandyopadhyaya, V.; Nair, U. and Shekhar, M. (2016).Subicsha: empowering Rural Women, Case Centre, and ET Cases,

11. Bandyopadhyaya, V. and Samanta, D. (2015).Drinking Water Pricing in Bihar: A Mechanism for Sustainable Water Resource Management. Paper presented at the 2015 IMRA-IIMB International Conference, December 16-18, 2015, Indian Institute of Management Bangalore

12. Samanta, D. and Bandyopadhyaya, V. (2015). Willingness to Pay and Scope of Coproduction in Drinking Water Supply: A Study of Bihar. Paper presented at the 4thBiennial Conference of the Indian Academy of Management, December 11-13, 2015, Indian Institute of Management Lucknow, Noida Campus

13. Bandyopadhyaya, V. (2015).Sustainability of Food Supply Chains: An Indian PerspectivePaper presented at the 2015 International Conference on Marketing, Logistics, and Management (ICMLM 2015), June 23-25, 2015, Sapporo, Japan. 

14. Samanta, D. and Bandyopadhyaya, V. (2013).Willingness to pay: exploring possibility of community ownership in rural drinking water service in Bihar. Paper presented at the 2ndNational Symposium on Rural Management (Theme: Engendering Rural Transformation), December 13-14, 2013, Institute of Rural Management Anand(IRMA), Gujrat

15. Bandyopadhyaya, V. (2013). Management for Sustainable food system in India – the challenges. Paper published the Souvenir of conference on Sustainable Food System for Security and Nutrition on World Food Day 2013 on October 16, 2013, Bihar State Productivity Council, Patna

16. Samanta, D. and Bandyopadhyaya, V. (2013). Drinking Water Service in Rural Bihar: An Assessment of Current Policy and Delivery Status. Paper presented at the 8th International Conference on Public Policy and Management conducted by the Centre for Public Policy (CPP) at Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIMB) on Aug 12-14, 2013

17.   Bandyopadhyaya, V. (2013). Sustainable livelihood through SRI project: A Case Study. Paper presented at the International Conference on Sustainable Manufacturing and Operations Management (ISOM 2013), June 26-28, 2013, University of Mauritius, Mauritius.

18.   Sengupta, S. and Bandyopadhyaya, V. (2013). Enhancing Global Supply Chain Performance in an Improved Information Sharing Platform. Paper presented at the International Conference on Sustainable Manufacturing and Operations Management (ISOM 2013), June 26-28, 2013, University of Mauritius, Mauritius.

19.   Bandyopadhyaya, V. and Sengupta, S. (2013). Impact of Organized Food Retail on Customer Buying Behaviour in India. Paper presented at the Tenth AIMS International Conference on Management (AIMS-10) , January 6-9, 2013 , IIM Bangalore, India 

20.   Bandyopadhyaya, V. (2012). Changing Food Retail Formats and Customer Buying Patterns in India. Paper presented at the Third Biennial Supply Chain Management Conference 2012, Indian Institute of Management Bangalore, India on December 14-15, 2012.

21.   Bandyopadhyaya, V. and Bandyopadhyaya, R. (2012). Choice of a management institution: a decision making approach. Paper presented at the IABE 2012 Venice Summer Conference on 8-10 June 2012 at Ca' Foscari University of Venice, Venice, Italy

22.   Bandyopadhyaya, V.  andBandyopadhyaya, R.   (2011). A paper titled "Modeling Uncertainties in Project Activity Durations- An Alternative Method"   presented in PMI India Research and Academic Conference on Project Management held at NICMAR, Pune  on   9-11 December, 2011.

23.   Bandyopadhyaya, V.  andBandyopadhyaya, R.   (2011). A Fuzzy Logic System for Evaluating Quality of Management Institutions. Paper presented at the 10th European Conference on Research Methodology at Normandy Business School, Caen, France on 20-21 June 2011.

24.   Bandyopadhyaya, V.  (2011). Organized retail in India: Impact on Food Supply Chains. Paper presented at the Biennial International Supply Chain Management Conference 2011 (Theme: Opportunities and Challenges in Services Supply Chain) on 7-8 January 2011 at IIM Bangalore

25.   Bandyopadhyaya, V., Pani, A.K. and Mishra, B.B.  (2010). A model for assuring service quality of Indian management institutions. In Gupta, Nagadevara, Sharma, Agarwal (Ed.) (2010), Global Recession, Survival and Growth: Role of Management Education, Houston: AIMS International & Bangalore: IBA, pp 41-51. (This paper was presented at the Seventh AIMS International Conference on Management on 20-23 December 2009 at IIM Bangalore).

26.   Dey, A. and Bandyopadhyaya, V. (2008). Study on consumer perception of impact of organized food retailing in Bhubaneswar. Paper presented at the AICTE Sponsored National Seminar on Structural Changes in Market Dynamics on May 3-4, 2008 at RCEM, Bhubaneswar

27.   Dey, A. and Bandyopadhyaya, V. (2008). Supermarkets and changing food supply chains in India. Paper presented at the International Conference on Supply Chain Management (ICSCM-2008) on March 28-30, 2008 at IT, BHU

28.   Bandyopadhyaya, V., Pani, A.K. and Mishra, B.B. (2008). Expectations from Indian Management Institutions: An Empirical Study. IMS Research Journal, 1(1)

29.   Bandyopadhyaya, V., Pani, A.K. and Mishra, B.B. (2007). Assessing service quality in Indian management institutions: An alternative view. Parikalpana – KIIT Journal of Management, 4 (1 & 2), 15-34

30.   Dey, A. and Bandyopadhyaya, V. (2007). Supermarket supply chains: Issues in sustainability. CMRD Journal of Management Research, 6(1), 7 – 13.

31.   Pattanayak, S., Bandyopadhyaya, V., Paul, D. and BhadraChaudhuri, S.R. (2006). Green competencies in marketing: Key to success in the globalised environment. Paper presented at the International Conference on Green Competitiveness for Sustainable Development (ICGC) –2006 on October 27-28, 2006 at India Habitat Center.

32.   Bandyopadhyaya, V. &Pani, A.K. (2006). Students’ perception of quality of management institutions: Findings from a preliminary survey. CMRD Journal of Management Research, 5(2), 3 – 15.

33.   Bandyopadhyaya, V. &Pani, A.K. (2006). Global competitiveness of Indian Management Institutions: the total quality way. Paper presented at the National Conference on Global Competitiveness 2006 on 13 January 2006 at IBS Kolkata. (published in the conference proceedings)

34.   Bandyopadhyaya, V. &Pani, A.K. (2006). Management education in India: the best of times or the worst of times? Paper presented at the Third AIMS International Conference on Management (Theme: Management Education at a Crossroad: Issues, Challenges and Opportunities) on 1-4 January 2006 at IIM Ahmedabad.

35.   Bandyopadhyaya, V. &Pani, A.K. (2005). Corporate Governance of Management Institutions: the total quality way. Productivity, 45(4), 580 – 589.

36.   Bandyopadhyaya, V. &Pani, A.K. (2005). Mapping the future of Management Education in India. In Pattanayak B. et al (Ed.) (2005), Future organization: Strategising business, New Delhi: Excel Books.

37.   Bandyopadhyaya, V. &Pani, A.K. (2005). Staying competitive in the globalized environment: Issues for Indian management institutions. Productivity, 46 (1), 21-28. (This paper was presented at the 3rd International Conference on Globalization &Competititveness on 11-13 January 2005 organized by VGSOM&Dept of HSS, IITKharagpur Jointly with AIB-India.)

38.   Bandyopadhyaya, V. (2004). Six sigma: Competing through perfect quality. VNS Management Today. 5(1)

39.   Bandyopadhyaya, V. &Dey, A. (2004, July). Enhancing profitability through efficient and effective supply chain management. IBAT Journal of Management, 1(2)

40.   Bandyopadhyaya, V. (2004). Indian Paper Industry: The imperatives. Science Tech Entrepreneur, 12(6)

41.   Bandyopadhyaya, V. (2004). Total Quality Management: A strategic focus for Corporate Governance. In Pattanayak B. et al (Ed.) (2004), Intelligent Organisation: a roadmap to success, New Delhi: Excel Books.

42.   Bandyopadhyaya, V. (2004). Leather industry in India: some issues. Science Tech Entrepreneur, 12(1).

43.   Bandyopadhyaya, V. (2003). Green Entrepreneurship. VNS Management Today, 4(1).

44.   Bandyopadhyaya, V. (2002). Green Marketing. Paper presented at the two-day national seminar on Frontiers of green entrepreneurship at Technical Teachers Training Institute (TTTI), Chandigarh on 14-15 November, 2002.

45.   Bandyopadhyaya, V. (2001). Total Quality Management in Education. Paper presented at the 31st Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE) Convention held at KIIT, Bhubaneswar on 27-29 December, 2001.

1.  Monitoring and Assessment of the Text Book Supply Chain for Bihar State Text Book Publishing Corporation Ltd. from December 2014 to July 2015

2.  Monitoring and Assessment of the Text Book Supply Chain for Bihar State Text Book Publishing Corporation Ltd. from December 2013to October 2014

3.   Evaluation of MGNREGA Diwas in Bihar for Rural Development Department, Government of Bihar during January to September 2013

4.    Assessment of Drinking Water Services in Rural Bihar for
RWSS-LIS Program (World Bank project) for Public Health Engineering Department, Govt. of Bihar during January to April 2013

5.  Monitoring and Assessment of the Text Book Supply Chain for Bihar State Text Book Publishing Corporation Ltd. during December 2011 to July 2012

1. Provided training to Bihar Rural Livelihoods Project (BRLP) employees on project management

2. Provided training to Bihar Administrative Service and Bihar Financial Service employees on project management at Bihar Institute of Public Administration & Rural Development

3. Conducted in-company training programme for UNICEF employees on PERT/CPM

1. Life Member, The Indian Society for Technical Education (Membership No. LM 59732)

2. Life Member, Operational Research Society of India (Membership No. 0792/V/08/ML)

3. Member, Executive Council, Aryabhatta Knowledge University, Bihar (4 years, till 14th March 2015)

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