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Startup Portfolio

Startup Portfolio

List of Seed Funded Startups recognised by Department of Industries, Government of Bihar

Sl. No Sector Name of Startup Name of Applicant Application Number Name of Institutional Mentor Funds Disbursed Date of Application Received at CIMP
1 Consulting Maataram Network Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Utpal Dutt SB65046631 Prof. Ankit Sharma 750000 31-10-2016
2 Health care Madad Mr. Rajeev Jha SB73403038 Prof. V Mukunda Das 750000 25-10-2016
3 E- commerce Urban Kare Internet Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Balkishan Kumar SB11447086 Prof. Rajeev Verma 1000000 08-02-2017
4 E- commerce Kartkio online services private limited Mr. Gyan Prakash SB48529242 Prof. Anuj Sharma 750000 25-03-2017
5 Online Food Yescom India Softech Pvt. Ltd. (Railrestro) Mr. Manish Kumar SB18725712 Prof. Rajeev Verma 750000 20-03-2017
6 Transportation APS Dream Technologies Mr. Abhishek Raj SB36905612 Prof. Anuj Sharma 1000000 28-05-2017
7 Dairy Organic 24/7 Mr. Nitish Kumar SB52257282 Prof. Nilamadhab Mohanty 750000 25-04-2017
8 Transportation Aryan CAB and Rurals Trans Solution Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Dilkhush Kumar SB72460057 Prof. Anuj Sharma 183470 24-03-2017
9 E- commerce Artz Mr. Adita Nandan SB65346080 Prof. V Mukunda Das 750000 23-10-2016
10 E- commerce Fervour Picme Mr. Deovrat Kumar SB55441172 Prof. Ankit Sharma 250000 21-04-2017
11 Edu-Tech Bench Markers Mr. Lalit Mishra SB27959599 Prof. V Mukunda Das 750000 30-04-2017
12 Health care Nysa Health Mr. Sumit Kumar SB59722125 Prof. Ankit Sharma 250000 12-07-2017
13 Fin -Tech Tax Mitra Mr. Atul Kumar SB35109186 Prof. Rajeev Verma 750000 11-11-2017
14 SaaS Goknight Innovators Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Prakash Singh SB63628038 Prof. Ankit Sharma 1000000 11-09-2017
15 E- commerce Gosabji Mr. Nitish Kumar SB40804271 Prof. Nilamadhab Mohanty 750000 01-12-2017
16 ITeS Zeeys (Chintamani Interconnect Pvt. Ltd.) Mr. Apurva Sukant SB11715064 Prof. Rajeev Verma 1000000 12-12-2017
17 IT Maas Infosolutions Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Satish Kumar SB58221467 Prof. Anuj Sharma 250000 07-03-2018
18 ITeS Incorvation Solution Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Ravi Shankar SB63016496 Prof. V Mukunda Das 1000000 05-02-2018
19 Ad-Tech Grandure Industries M/s Sabina Sinha SB73369276 Startup Opted out 0 06-04-2017

Seed Funded Startups wherein mentorship fee not disbursed by Department of Industries, Government of Bihar
Sl. No Sector Name of Startup Name of Applicant Application Number Name of Institutional Mentor Funds Disbursed Date of Application Received at CIMP
20 Transportation Agiro Cabs Mr. Uttam kumar/ Vikash Sharma SB76979639 Prof Rajeev Verma 500000 28-12-2017
21 Consulting Inspecto Sol Pvt Ltd (PVINSPECTO) Mr. Rohit Raj SB201800929 Prof. Santosh Kumar 500000 06-12-2018
22 E-commerce Marsonic India Pvt. Ltd Mr. Raj Narayan SB201800989 Prof. Anuj Sharma 500000 30-12-2018
23 E-commerce Rajgau Rapidotech Pvt. Ltd Mr. Prashant Gautam, Vivek kumar SB52136992 Prof Ankit Sharma 500000 27-02-2018
24 Health Care Rakshita Services Pvt. Ltd Ms. Rakshita Kumari, Rohit Kumar SB34001642 Prof. V Mukunda Das 500000 05-06-2017
25 Health Care Zyngle Lab Private Limited/Pinterview Edutech (OPC) Pvt Ltd Mr. Vikasa Gautam SB88907644 Prof. S vishnu 500000 15-11-2016
26 Consulting Aatiyyaa(Traitct Services Pvt Ltd) M/s Puja Solanky SB201800073 Prof Rajeev Verma 500000 23-05-2018
27 E-commerce RTU Organic Pvt Ltd Mr. Rajeev Ranjan SBN201900264 Prof. Nilamadhab Mohanty 500000 06-02-2019
28 Edu-Tech Siksha Vriddhi Mr. Ajay Kumar Sahni SB70533062 Prof. S Vishnu 500000 21-02-2018
29 Machinery Integrated Mechatronics Solution Mr. Randhir Kumar SBN201901366 Prof. Anuj Sharma 500000 13-03-2019
30 ITeS Halyard Technology Mr. Rites Raman SBN201901076 Prof. Nilamadhab Mohanty 1000000 04-03-2019
31 ITeS ICARE Infosystems Pvt Ltd/ ICARE Teleservices P vt Ltd M/s Shuchi Priya SBN201900904 Prof. S. Vishnu 500000 26-02-2019
32 Agri-Teach Main bhi Kissan Mr. Kumar Sachin SBN201900846 Prof. Anuj Sharma 0 24-02-2019
33 Ad-Tech Kinglet Studio Mr. Harsh Wardhan SBN201900134 Prof. Ankit Sharma 0 18-01-2019
34 E-commerce Taquino India Private Limited Mr. Adtiya Ranjan SBN201901007 Prof Ranjit Tiwari 500000 01-03-2019
35 Food Delivery Order Food Online Mr. Pratik Kumar SBN201900106 Prof. Nilamadhab Mohanty 0 14-01-2019
36 ITes Fast Card Pvt Ltd Mr. Amit Kumar SBN201900434 Prof. Kalyan Prasad Agarwal 500000 16-02-2019
37 Consulting PMM Etouch India Pvt Ltd Mr. Sandeep Kumar Patel SB44263869 Prof. S Vishnu 500000 31-01-2018
38 E-commerce Kamra Online Mr. Kundan Kumar SBN201900427 Prof. Ankit Sharma 500000 16-02-2019
39 E-commerce Blossom Review Pvt Ltd Mr. Satish Kumar & Mr.Manish Kumar SBN202006532 Prof. Ankit Sharma 500000 13-02-2020
40 Edu-Tech ZenGages Learn and Grow Pvt Ltd Mr. Ravi Shankar SBN201905390 Prof Rajeev Verma 0 28-10-2019
41 Health care Hanuman (Medicvisor Private Limited) Mr. Niraj Jha SBN202012372 Prof. Nilamadhab Mohanty 0 -

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